Have you experienced difficulty finding your way into the US Steel Tower garage because your preferred entrance was unexpectedly closed, or because circumstance led you to approach downtown from an unfamiliar direction (for example, due street closures for a race or parade)? Click on the link below to access a handy PDF map that shows how to access each of the garage’s entrances.

US Steel Tower Parking Garage Map

First Lutheran Church now has an agreement with SP+ Parking in the U.S. Steel Tower—just across the street—to provide parking for our church members and visitors. For validation on Sundays, please go to the desk in the Parish House, where Suanne or another staff member will attach a sticker to your parking ticket. There will be no charge for Sunday parking. Validations are also available on weekdays and Saturdays for $2.00, to be paid at the church office. Tickets are issued upon entering the garage and must be brought to the church for validation. When exiting the garage, do not go to the pay station; simply insert your validated ticket at the exit gate. There are two entrances to the garage: one is off of the Veterans Bridge/Bigelow Blvd ramp just before Sixth Ave; the other is on Bigelow Square, just off of Sixth Ave and in front of the DoubleTree Hotel’s main entrance.

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