The First English Evangelical Lutheran Church in the City of Pittsburgh (the “Church”) solicits and accepts unrestricted gifts and gifts for designated programs and purposes, provided that such gifts are not inconsistent with the Church’s stated mission and ministries.  The Church does not accept gifts that (a) could result in the loss of the Church’s charter and/or its status as an IRC §501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization, (b) are excessively restrictive in purpose, (c) are deemed too difficult to administer, (d) may result in unacceptable consequences, or (e) are for purposes outside the mission and ministries of the Church.

Aside from customary donor designations that support specific programs or ministries of the Church, all donor-imposed restrictions must be set forth in a written donor agreement, reviewed by legal counsel, and approved by the Congregation Council prior to acceptance of the gift.  In no event shall a donor restrict the Church as to how it may invest the gift proceeds.

The Church endeavors to use all designated funds for their intended purpose(s), while reserving the right to re-designate any portion of such funds to otherwise support the Church’s mission and ministries. This right shall be explicitly stated in all Church solicitation materials, gift statements, and donor agreements.

The Church cannot give accounting, tax, or legal advice and encourages each prospective donor to seek the assistance of qualified, independent advice and counsel.

Gifts may be presented to the Church in the form of cash, checks or other forms of currency, securities, real or personal property, insurance policies or annuities, or other deferred gifts or bequests.  Certain gifts, however, must be reviewed by legal counsel and approved by the Congregation Council prior to their acceptance, including without limitation:

  • Any gifts that necessitate a written donor agreement;
  • Any gifts requiring the Church to assume substantial financial, legal or other obligations;
  • Any gifts that name the Church as trustee or require it to act in any fiduciary capacity;
  • Securities that are subject to buy-sell agreements or other trading restrictions;
  • Property or other tangible assets that may be subject to environmental or other regulatory restrictions or liabilities; and
  • Gifts that pose a conflict of interest or are otherwise potentially unacceptable.

For more information, please contact The Rev. Brian A. Evans, Senior Pastor, or Ms. Suanne O’Dell, Financial Secretary, at 412-471-8125, or