These suggestions for daily prayer are provided to encourage and to help you every day to praise God and to pray for yourself, for the whole Church, and for the world.

The lessons, psalms, and prayers of the day are from the Lutheran, Episcopal, and Roman rites and follow a pattern The Rev. Dr. Philip H. Pfatteicher has developed over many years and which is now in use at the weekday Eucharist at First Lutheran Church.

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The Liturgical Colors:

Gold for Easter Octave; White for festivals and seasons of Easter and Christmas; Red for Pentecost, Holy Cross Day, and days of the Martyrs, and Reformation; Green during General Time after Epiphany and Pentecost; Blue for Advent; Crimson for Holy Week; Purple for Lent; Black for Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

Compiler: The Rev. Dr. Philip H. Pfatteicher

NOTE: For your convenience, we supply links for the Psalms, lessons, and some of the hymns.

You may be interested in The Daily Prayer of the Church, ed. Philip H. Pfatteicher, a complete daily prayer book for all the people of God, laity as well as clergy, available from Lutheran University Press.

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