“The purpose of music in Lutheran worship is to enable the worshiping members of the body of Christ to give praise to their Lord and King and to assist in the proclamation of the Gospel and the celebrations of the sacraments.  Martin Luther’s three great contributions to the music of worship were: The retention with modifications of the historic mass and offices, the increased participation of the laity in the services, and the pursuit of excellence in the type and execution of music performed in worship. (Manual on the Liturgy, pp. 78-79.) First Lutheran Church is deeply committed to maintaining a program of traditional sacred music.  Through choral offerings, organ repertoire, and instrumental selections, we strive to present the finest sacred music from many periods in music history.  The congregation participates actively in the singing of the liturgy, hymns and canticles.  The church’s series entitled “Laudate Dominum” presents special liturgies and concerts of sacred music with expanded choir and orchestra.