Adult Church School Class: Talking About Faith at Home

How did you come to believe what you believe?  Or, are you not quite sure, which makes talking about it difficult? How do you start? How do you talk about what you believe and why it matters?

Join Pastor Natalie Hall on Thursday, October 8th from 8:00-9:30 PM on Zoom for a discussion about what you believe and why it matters (when you register you’ll receive the link the day before our time together). We’ll offer ideas on how you can articulate your beliefs together in with people you love. We’ll introduce a method called FAITH5, which is an at-home faith conversation that everyone can use.  It is not  only for families with children. FAITH5 is for couples whose children are adults, for grandparents and grandchildren, for people who live alone, and people who have no children. Faith5 is for EVERYONE!

If you have never heard of FAITH5 and even if the thought of having a conversation about what you believe makes you nervous, join us for the discussion!  Sign up below!

Please list the names of each individual participant from your household, if applicable. All are welcome!
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