Assisted Listening Devices NOW AVAILABLE!

First Church is pleased to announce the installation of our new sound system! Many of you probably noticed the improved clarity of the audio this past Sunday. We are also pleased to announce that we are now able to offer assisted listening devices to our members and guests who are hearing impaired. We have easy-to-use receivers that may be used with our headphones or neckloops (we have antiseptic wipes to clean them before use, if desired), or you may bring your own headphones. Hearing aid users who have telecoil-equipped hearing aids can take advantage of our new induction loop by simply switching their device to its T-Coil setting. A feed from the audio system will automatically be picked up by their hearing aid with no additional equipment required!

A happy side-effect of our new sound system is the ability to generate broadcast-quality recordings of our services that you may listen to at will from our website or by visiting our Soundcloud page. Feel free to share these recordings with your familes and friends!